Friday, September 26, 2008

5 most sensitive part of women's body

The Ear Lobes

Kiss her and lick her ear lobes gently. But make sure you don’t make the kissing noise. Occasionally say sweet words to her to give her the confidence e.g. “you look sexy tonight”. Also, do massage her ear gently as this action cause her to be more relax.

The Neck

The neck which is the most sensitive area of the female body, If touch or kiss the correct way, will send tingles down her spine. Kiss and lick gently the area from her ear to the bottom of the neck.

The Nipples

When women get arouse, the nipple become hard and erect. So gently kiss and lick in a circle motion around the nipples. Do make sure to give equal attention to both her breast.

The Belly Button

By kissing and licking this area, it will cause vibrations that will vibrate through her reproductive area and begin to stimulate her G spot

The G Spot

Finally the G spot. It can be difficult to find. So ask if she has already found her G spot and let her point you the right direction. For most female G spot, it can be found on the top inner part of the vagina.It's about the size and shape of a 10 cent coin and can be found about 4 inches inside the vagina.



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